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    This is my personal review but others may disagree.

    Seidio Crystal Case and Swivel Clip Holster Review

    What an exciting day! After having ordered my Crystal Case/Combo for Treo 700 on the 21st, my order finally arrived. I have now given it three days worth of wonderful use. I currently give the combo a C+ grade. I have based the grade on the following categories: Ease of Assembly, Usage, Compatibility, and Design.

    Upon opening the box, I quickly jumped to the instructions. They were quick and easy for the Crystal Case. Step 1, “Place both thumbs there and apply pressure to these points,” and Step 2, “Gently pull apart until the back of the case lifts away from the phone.” Before I knew it the case was secure on the phone. The case gets an A grade for assembly.
    I then allowed seven other Treo users and five palm users each look at the case. They all agreed that the case was very good looking, simple and easy to use. But after the third time taking the case off, the case became too easy to take off. In fact now with one finger I can flip the case off, using little to no force. Started with an A grade for design but it has now dropped to a B. Now came the test with the holster.

    The holster has “no assembly required” therefore it earns an A. I have always enjoyed the Seidio Cradle holsters. Important note: The holster in review is SKU # HLTR700ASC, 335 Swivel Clip Holster (Cradle Type for Crystal Case). I have been excited to sample the new Spring Clip on the top. The Treo w/Crystal Case slid directly into the holster. Compatibility grade is now moving up!

    Once removed I found the problem, the spring clip catches on the top of the crystal case; slowing down my ability to remove the Treo. Several attempts resulted in the same result. In addition, on three occasions my SD Memory Card popped up and almost came out. I continued to use it through out the day with the same result. Each call forced me to have to lift up the Spring Clip further and further just to get the phone out of the holster. This is interesting since the Clip Holster instructions state: Spring Clip Holster for Skinned Device Step 2, “To remove your skinned device from the holster, gently lift the spring clip at the top…” Well I am lifting much more than gently. I have to use two fingers to open the clip just to pull it out. I look like an ***** trying to get my phone out. In the end I give Compatibility “C” (would be a B, but it doesn’t work with the standard Palm Cradle either), Usage “C” and Design “C” (because the case catches).

    Also, I am frequent Chatteremail user and the side buttons "Q, A, Option and P, Backspace, and enter" are a little covered making it hard to type.

    Lastly I attempted to place the Treo in my standard Palm Cradle, well I should have seen this coming—It doesn’t fit. Therefore each time I need to put my phone in the cradle I need to take off the crystal case; furthermore, this will be easy since the case now can be flicked off with one finger. I have attempted to not use the crystal case and instead just use the holster, but since the holster is designed for both, my holster is now too big for the Treo; causing it to fall out.

    Finally I called Seidio and asked for help. The technical support person who helped me told me I should try opening the spring clip more when taking out my Treo. Well thanks for the obvious answer! But to open it the amount needed you almost need two fingers! When I asked about the case falling apart he said that I have 14 days for a refund and 180 days to return it for a replacement. When I asked about the cradle, he justifiably said, Palm has stated skinned Treos’ will not work with the Palm Cradle. This I should have realized and checked out.

    Overall, I am very disappointed in the Seidio Crystal Case with combo holster. I have been a big fan of the Seidio line products, having had my company purchase about 30 items from them in the past but I am giving this product a C+ grade.

    For a casual user this might be a great case and holster combo, as for me, the hardcore user, I am not liking it.

    I will try it for a couple more days, but will probably return it.
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    Thanks for the post. I was very seriously considering this combo and even sent an email to seidio today for further info, better pictures. The holster looks a little funky in the picture with the big tab sticking out off the top. I am going with the best skins ever and a different holster. Thanks again, this kind of stuff is what makes this site great!

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