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    i know theres a millions threads relating to this but i dont feel like looking through the endless pages of them, im just wondering when a compatible version will be ready for the 700p? are there rumors of any dates? thanks
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    I asked PDA Apps if Verichat was compatible with the 700p -- just got mine this weekend -- and there response was not completely, have patience.

    So basically there is no date for a version, and the "have patience" parts leads me to believe one is not imminient.
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    There's a hacked version that is/was available from these forums that works fine for me.
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    Their support is an unfortunate joke, I must say. "Be patient." Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they are waiting for the table at the Chinese restaurant. "5, 10 minute." Yeah, right.
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    Oh - it's "on the roadmap."
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    In the meantime I recommend you guys go and try Causerie by Mantra Group. They have great customer support. They're always releasing beta versions w/ new and requested features. Just check out their forums to see this.
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    I sent them an email yesterday, and the response was this:

    "Currently, 2.89b is the latest version. You can use 2.89b on Treo700p. All features may not work on the 700p.
    We are looking into supporting Treo700p but no ETA as yet.

    Thanks for your Patience."

    If I were to guess, I'd say that they don't have a programmer who is able to do the update, and are trying to find someone who could go into the code and update it for the 700p.

    I have a subscription that ends in October, after which I definitely won't renew; while I do agree that I bought the program to work with the 650 (which it did), they ought to be giving their customers a definitive answer as to whether they're going to update the software. A lot of people on this forum are really disgusted with the company; I'm not quite that upset about it, since I rarely use VChat anyway...
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    You hit the nail on the head. I believe they lost their developer after Intellisync acquired PDA Apps and there is no one to make the fix. If they had any sense, they'd grab the guy who put together the working hacked version and solve it.
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    Maybe I'm missing some but what is worng with Verichat 2.89b? I ask because I have Zero issues with it running on my 700p. It's been running stable for around a month with no problems.
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    This is what I think it's happening:
    Palm OS Garnet is at the end of its life. So pretty much we won't be seeing any more new devices running it because Palm will either migrate to a Palm Linux OS (ALP) or just take Windows Mobile as the only OS for their Treos. So Verichat might have said, "Why waste the time an effor fixing it for an almost dead OS?"

    On the other hand, I don't know if they are that smart.

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    I have a lot of crashes even with the hacked version posted on these forums. I installed the hacked version on a fresh device (sprint 700p). usually I get a few soft resets per day and I leave verichat running 24/7. causerie was really slow to enter the program. toccer was the only non crashing aim client I have had work, but verichat is so nice its worth a crash or two.

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