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    I just found the best site for free ebooks that will work with ereader software.

    I downloaded 11 books that I remember fondly and am sure there are many more to go through.
    Henry L lazarus
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    cool, thanks for sharing!
    - Jeeman
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    Yes, thank you Henry. A very nicely laid out site.
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    Resurrecting an older thread. Here's a great site for free ebooks, that work well in Blazer.

    The pages rendered well on my Treo 700P, completely free and no reader required.
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    Here is another great site for free books (mainly sci fi)
    they also have almost the entire baen catalog availible for purchase at very reasonable if you are a complete sci fi addict like myself, the advanced reader copies are awsome....get to finish the book 2-3 months before publish date!!

    Also, not free but 2 great pay sites:

    Both of these have a lot of the latest releases within a day or 2 of publishing.
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