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    Ok I have a treo650 with cingular with custom rom and unlocked. I just got a new job and corp gives out the blackberry for their phone. I do not want to use the blackberry and want to keep the treo. I have been reading about the blackberry connect being able to run on a the treo650. All I need is the blackberry connect data plan from cingular.

    Now I want to know that my corp svc provider is verizon. Would I still be able to get the blackberry connect email on my unlocked cingular phone>?

    What restrictions will I have on blackberry connect on the treo?

    I am trying very hard to keep my treo and not use the blackberry but my company is making it hard.
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    pls delete this thread
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    did you find a pertinent thread, get your answer or just give up ?

    ps - patience is a virtue...

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