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    what's a good text editing app on palm os? I tried bugme! and that app is so annoying because it kept losing my saved documents. Is there microsoft word on palm os?
    Also, does treo 650 come with an alarm app? If yes, where?
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    Go and search.

    Documents To Go

    Why don't don't you try the clock application... and click the box next to the alarm clock... or even better... read the manual

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    well, i bought my phone on ebay, so no manual.
    And how do you create a new file in Documetns to Go?
    And thank you for point out the obvious world clock. I'm jsut being lazy.
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    ok nevermind, i just found out how to use docs to go. should've tried it first.
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    MobiSys Office is good enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger
    Take a look around the Palm website - you may find a manual there.
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