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    I downloaded a trial of City ID from that Handango, and subsequently bought it. I had to reset my device and i changed the name of my treo in the process. the code now does not work.

    Ive emailed both handango adn the City ID company, Cequint, numerous times, and got NOTHING!!!! All i want is a reg code that works.

    Does anyone know how to get these people to support their customers?

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    They don't know you're not someone else trying to get a free reg code.
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    My suggestion? Reset your Treo again and give it back the old hotsync name. In the Palm world, a Hotsync ID is almost like a social security number. Everything's tied to it.

    Actually, you might not have to reset. I seem to recall a program that will change your hotsync id without requiring a reset. Do some searches here, or on Handango and PalmGear, and maybe you can find it.
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    I *just* went through this same exact issue.

    Mark from cequint helped me in the past.

    Explain the situation, give him your old hotsync ID and serial and he should give you a new one.

    Also ask for the CityID that doesn't have the logo on the incoming caller screen. He gave it to me and it's quite nice.

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