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    I have a strange problem that I haven't seen anywhere else. I've had my 700p for a few weeks and was originally using Versamail but got tired of it and decided to switch to Chatter. I deleted versamail via the palm os menu+delete feature which removed the versamail icon from my list of applications. I've also deleted as many versamail related files possible using filez (some of which reappear after a soft reset).

    The problem is, every 5 minutes I'm still getting versamail autosync errors but since I've removed the program from my applications have no way of launching versamail to change the settings! Does anyone know what might be causing this and I can launch the versamail application to try and correct things so I stop getting these annoying, battery-draining errors every 5 minutes?
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    You may have to delete preferences for Versamail. Do you have Uninstall Manager installed? If not, the same developer publishes a Clean Up tool you can install after the fact.

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