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    Won't be there long so look fast

    While shipoments are iup 216% overall, basically 26% drop in unit shipments from Q1 -05 to Q1 - 06 on PDA's.....all that growth in stand alone units.
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    IMO the reason their PDA unit sales are down is lack of advertising. When is the last time you heard a radio or TV ad from Tom Tom touting a unit that works on PDA's? All I hear and see is the non-PDA units. I hope they keep it around because I love mine.
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    After becoming increasingly frustrated with Mapoloplis' limitations and bugs, and not being able to demo TomTom, I finally bit the bullet and bought a standalone GPS (Garmin C550) and am much happier. Better GPS solution, and the bluetooth integration with my 650 is fantastic.

    It may be a little cheaper to get an app that works with your existing phone, but to do it right, you really have to look elsewhere IMO.
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    An update every 5 years or so might help sales too . . .

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