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    Ok, I need a good database application for my Prism. I know there are a bunch out there. Unfortunately, Palmgear gives me way too many hits for any search I do. So it's kinda hard to research all the possibilities. Here are my requirements/preferences:

    -Runs on my Prism
    -Costs <$50
    -Easy to learn
    -Has a desktop companion application with good synchronization
    -Not too big (Space is always scarce)
    -Color would be nice
    -The ability to beam databases would be nice

    Does anybody have any good suggestions?

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    I use thinkDB2. It has all the requirements you stated. The application is free, but the desktop software costs $40.
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    There's always FileMaker Pro. Some people love it, some people hate it. I think it is a bit more than $50, though...
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    When I first started using ThinkDB2.0, I had the feeling that it was too good to be true (free?). I felt like any day my new favorite application would send me a "Demo Expired - Please send your life savings for the full version!" message, just as I was bragging about what it can do. Lucky for us, it keeps going until you need to add more functionality. The #1 application on my Plat is my "HR Master" DB which contains every piece of employment data I could possibly use for the 200+ people I support (HR Manager). I've never created a DB on my own (in any format), but after about a week, I could develop a pretty complex stand-alone DB in about 2-hours. I've just started a new project to use Visors to automate my company's Quality Assurance function and I need to sync with MS Access. About the only thing bad I can say about ThinkDB is the lack of complete information on the "extras" they list on their website. I know what I need to accomplish, but the website seems to lack the clarity a bafoon like me needs. Does anyone know from experience, what I'd get out of their desktop app that I wouldn't from MS Access and syncing? Do I even need their desktop? Could their survey program work for me? I need some help too! All in all, as a stand-alone DB, you can't go wrong!

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    ThinkDB 2 gets my vote. I registered it "back in the day" for $25, so I get the desktop app free.
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    Wow. At the suggestion of you good people, I installed ThinkDB. This thing is GREAT! I've created a few databases already and started moving my data into it.

    I can't wait to install the desktop application. If it is even close to decent, I'll be registering it this week.

    Thanks for all your help. You're awsome.
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    Be Careful with the Desktop App and DBSync. I've found some problems with data not syncing properly. In my case, I think it was the fact that you need a unique key in each table that syncs so that records can be matched properly.
    I haven't had the opportunity to use the sync capabilty in great detail. Make sure your tables are backed up before synching.
    Otherwise, I really like the capabilities of ThinkDB.

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