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    1. Every month or so I will not receive any txts for a few days. Then suddenly, they will start pouring in.
    2. Sometimes the people I txt receive the msg 2-3 times.
    3. Sometimes when i send a txt I get an error msg "ERROR: An error occurred (0002) when sending..."

    On my 3rd 700p (Sprint - Houston, TX). All of them have done all 3. This phone blows.
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    I think an occasionaly soft reset will help your Treo run better. I think I do a daily for a while and see if this happened again.
    What you people think? Is there a way to automate a reset?
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    I am using verizon and have the same issue. One thing I have noticed is that if my wife sends me a text in excess of 150 or so characters from her 700P (I don't know the exact number it might be 160), I will not receive the text at all AND it seems to screw up all further texts sent between us.

    fwiw, I am using a 650 and we are both on Verizon. I gave up on trying to bring this to the attention of VZW as they are pretty much clueless.

    I think it must have something to do with the fact that my Treo 650 is limited to 160 characters, where her 700P will allow her to type as many characters as she wants. If someone has any hooks with a tech at Verizon, please bring this to their attention! Thanks.
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    Nothing new to say other than I have a similar thread going here:
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    same issues. Sprint 700p..... noticed it only a fluke. thought friends were just rude. but reset phone and viola 10 new messages. then tonight sent one and was waiting on reply, did not get right away soft rest and surprise had that reply message i was waiting for and even a couple others. why is it sprint/palm/whomever can never get this right?
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