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    I'm looking for what makes the 700p better than the 700w in terms of software only. I want to see facts mostly so I can better understand. I always hear people say that palm os is better than wm but why exactly is it better?

    I have searched.
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    This New York Times/Technology article is a couple months old but it makes several fairly good, albeit simple, points:
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    Try more seamless integration between the PalmOS and one-hand operation...or having email clients like Chatter and Snapper for PalmOS versus ones for WM5 that have 1/10th the functionality
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    But there is no multitasking. Is that nota big deal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigDee
    But there is no multitasking. Is that nota big deal?
    depends who you ask.

    for WM users, yeah, multitasking is a big deal and it's nice, though on the 700w it's limited due to memory constraints on Palms part.

    for palm users, no, mostly because there's no choice in the matter.

    I'm also not sure what "1/10 the functionality" in regards to email even means. But with VGSMail, pOutlook, ProfiMail and Flexmail 2007 almost finished, I'm not sure what cannot be done as far as senidng/receiving email, imap/idle support, etc. (I've used both chattermail and wm5 email clients)

    fyi, there are already a couple of threads on this topic and the differences have been explicated before.
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    From what I have read and talked to with other people, I would venture to say it is probably more a matter of choice between the two systems. Basic functionality is the same, how that functionality is achieved is different.

    As a several year user of the Treo series, I like its simple and very direct operation. It works and it works well, though it does not have the "whistle and bells" of other devices. I say whistle and bells, but what I accomplish with my 700p is done efficiently with a minimum amount of effort.

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    Being a long time PalmOS user, trying out WM5 for a couple of days was a nice experience. Overall, I like WM5 and find it pretty easy to use. I just don't like the way you get apps. on WM5 devices. It usually involves installing stuff on your PC as well. Also, with the 700W, there really isn't enough memory to do much multi-tasking.
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    I have had two bad experiences with Windows OS on both a PDA and the 6700. I ran back to Palm OS with my 700p. Knock on wood I have had no problems with it. Software issues are none also. Have slowly added a few here and there. Some people have great luck with Windows but I have seen alot more help threads on Windows issues versus Palm issues. My 2 cents.....
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    Check out the difference in screen resolution. The resolution on the 700w is poor compared to 700p.
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    The Palm Treo 700w is amongst ABC News / PC Magazine's biggest wireless disappointments of 2006 "But the low-res screen and unstable software made the 700w pale compared to Palm's own Treo 700p, leading me to wonder why Palm spent so much time developing this in the first place."
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    It's like running a PC with 32MB of memory. Win98 crash more than a WinXP but it sure run snappier on 32MB of memory.

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