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    Could someone quickly let me know what networks Treo 650 I could put my UK SIM in and expect it to work if I bought one off of US eBay? Thanks.
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    If I understand what you are asking the two GSM networks here would be Cingular or T-mobile.

    If you bought a Treo 650 off eBay and are asking if you could put your own UK sim card in it then the answer is that you will probably need to unlock the phone first unless you have bought an unlocked phone to start with.

    If your phone says "Cingular" on it it will need to be unlocked.
    If it says "PalmOne" it's unlocked.
    If it says "Verizon" or "Sprint" then you bought a nice Palm but the phone part is useless as these are CDMA phone that cannot work in the UK.
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    Nice one, so I search for Cingular and T-Mobile Treos, if I see a bargain get it shipped to my friends NYC address and the unlock it when he delivers it. That's what I needed to know, thanks very much.
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    You won't find any T-mobile treos as T-mobile don't sell them. Only Cingular sells Treos branded with their name.
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    I would just do an eBay search for "Unlocked Treo 650 GSM" and narrow the search parameters to United States. That should find what you are looking for on eBay.
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