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    I want to have a headset with VIBRATION function cause most time I prefer to put headset instead of treo in my pocket. Anyone shares the same interest? And if yes, for treo 650, which BT headset do u give the highest grade? Millions of thanks!!!!

    So far, it seems only limited headsets have the function such as Jabara BT250v? Discovery 640?
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    The 640 doesn't vibrate unless it's in the charger.
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    I'm using the jabar 250 it works get with my 700p
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    I used the jabra 250 on my 650 and now with the 700. It is especially useful when I walk away from the phone.

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    I used the Jabra 350 for a while. The vibrate feature would often scare the S*** out of me when it was in my ear. Moved to the JX10 and I don't miss the feature.

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