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    I have two problems. Need to buy 700p to replace 600 whose receiver seems to be getting weaker. Need to migrate from one thinkpad to another. Both tasks I do not like to so because so time consuming and there are always things that do not work that take an unpredictable time to get you back to where you were much less have anything better.

    I think that I have decided to get 700p up and running on old machine so that anthing that does not work, I will know it is not some difficulty that could have come from the thinpad migration. Any serious errors in this think?

    Now to make 600 to 700p as painless as possible.

    Where are all the back up files stored on laptop when I sync. I have never found.

    I use snapper and use it a lot.l Do I have to buy a new snapper or can I just sync my new phone to laptop and snapper will be installed along with the few other programs I have. If I have to reinstall, do I do the outlook contacts synce and then check an existing program on my thinkpad to be installed at the next sync? Will back up man from 600 work on 700p.

    Have all the bugs been worked out of Sprint 700p? Can't tell from thread.
    How about using PDANET on sprint. I have the old 2000 plan in which pdanet has not cost me anything. I don't use often, but when I do need it it is very nice to have.

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    Moving the stuff that will work is not too difficult.

    Install the new software on the old Thinkpad. It will pick up the 600's data. Sync the new Treo to that machine.

    History suggests that this may not work. Palm is notorious for not maintaining backwards compatibility. Therefore, use Backup Buddy to store the configuration of the new Treo to an SD card. Do a soft reset and then install old apps, one at a time, to identify the ones that break the new system.

    Only after the new Treo is working and stable, install the new software on the new Thinkpad. Sync that machine to the new Treo.

    Licensed Palm applications are notorious for being difficult to migrate to new devices. Many applications will require an upgrade. In this case you will have to get the new version on whatever terms the vendor offers. Even if it will run, the app may act as though it had never been registered. If you still have the registration code, re-registering may work. Otherwise, contact the vendor.

    Let's face it, migrating to new systems is never easy. I hate it; I always lose some capability that I liked. It is not easy on Windows or Treos. However, before we complain too loudly, we s hould give thanks that we are not among the Apple II users that never had an upgrade.
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    Thanks WHMurray,

    How helpful and so quick.

    Thank you very much.

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    Here's how I'd go:

    1. Install software to new Stinkpad and set up devcie as if you had nothing before. Install all apps on CD and do 1st hotsync.
    2. Copy the username subdirectory on your new laptop such as C:\Temp\<yourusername>
    3. Download the free PowerDesk from the V-Com site and install it. It's a Windows Explorer replacement whiuch allows you to set up a dual pane horizontal view of your directories and files....makes copying and pasting much easier. Set it up with top view of C:\temp\<yourusername> and bottom view to C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\<your username>
    4. Copy thge following:
    -address.dat from C:\temp\<yourusername>\address to C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\<your username>\address
    -datebook.dat from C:\temp\<yourusername>\datebook to C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\<your username>\datebook
    -memopad.dat from C:\temp\<yourusername>\memopad to C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\<your username>\memopad
    ToDo.dat from C:\temp\<yourusername>\todo to C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\<your username>\todo
    5. Now set the top of PowerDesk to view your C:\temp\<yourusername>\backup folder and bottom panel to view C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\<your username>\backup. The top is the list of all installed programs / db's on ya old Treo....use the botom as a check to see what's in so far and what's not. You can leave this program open while you install programs to the new Treo.
    6. Install Northglide's Uninstall Manager to new Treo.
    7. Install ya programs fresh one at a time....that is one per HotSync so UM can track all files being installed per program.
    8. Check PowerDesk top (old Treo) and bottom (new Treo) to check and comapre lists.
    9. Look in other folders within C:\temp\<yourusername>\. The like photos and other data files can be copied from any folder to the corresponding folder in C:\ProgramFiles\Palm\<your username>.
    10. Keep ya old setup for a while as a check in case you missed something.

    Now all that being said, I'd use my new Treo "naked" no programs for at least a week to insure it's a trouble free unit. I'd then add the simple stuff and maybe wait another week for any big prohgrams like TomTom, e-mail programs and anything else that uses large amounts of memory or may be mentioned here on the forum as sometimes keeting fussy
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    I migrated from 600 to 700p at the end of June, and from a Thinkpad T30 to a Z60t earlier in the year. The 700p is a big improvement on the 600 (much better screen, faster downloads, etc). I've had almost no problems with the 700, but I was careful to follow clean install instructions. I didn't bring over much software from the 600, but my data came over fine. I did bring over Snapper, after trying and giving up on Versamail. Snapper basically works the same as it did on the 600, except that mail downloads faster and the improved screen makes it easier to read. I didn't have to change or upgrade Snapper, just register the new installation.

    The Thinkpad transition was a little rockier. While I was trying to partition the hard drive on the new Thinkpad, something bad happened and the system collapsed. The good news is that I got a complete set of system cd's (which don't come with the system) within a couple of days. (Lenovo sent me a replacement hard drive as well, but it didn't seem that I needed it, and I sent it back.) After reloading the software, everything's gone fine.
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    Thanks to both of you.

    How did you register snapper. I use snapper as my most important program so I like the idea of bringing it over, but I don't understand how to register.

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    Dear Opensecret,

    pdanet is the other program I find high priority. Did you move it over, too?

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    pdanet that you used on the 600 will not work on the 700p. The developer has allowed for an upgrade, which you will want to subscribe to. It allows for tethering using proxy, which you will want, other wise you will be charged for PAM (phone as modem) charges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vitb9doc
    Thanks to both of you.

    How did you register snapper. I use snapper as my most important program so I like the idea of bringing it over, but I don't understand how to register.

    I don't remember having a problem registering, but I probably followed the instructions below that came in an email when I registered initially. (Until I started a separate directory exclusively for software registration info, I used to have all kinds of problems tracking this sort of thing down; now it's easy.)



    Once you've logged in you'll be able download the registered version of SnapperMail, the manual, plus all of the bundled apps it comes with

    Your unlock code(s) will be listed at the bottom of your login page (step 1), we've listed these codes at the bottom of this email also. To unlock SnapperMail, install the REGISTERED version of SnapperMail in step 2, the Trial version of SnapperMail cannot be unlocked. Go to the "About SnapperMail" menu and tap the "Register" button.

    If you don't have your username and password, you'll probably need to contact Snappermail.
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    thanks. so helpful
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    Great posts to all. I just did fairly the same thing except didnt install Uninstall Manager first. Maybe its too late but Ill install it ASAP
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