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    I have been desperately looking for any driver fot he Sandisk Wifi+Memory card driver that might work on the Treo 650 (Cingular). I came across this...

    Its the beta driver released by Tapwave for the Zodiac. Now this was a PalmOS device, so in theoiry it should work, but I don't own the card yet, so I'm wondering if someone was brave enough to give it a shot. Or if there is some way to hack it to work, if it doesn't immediately.
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    I doubt it'll work, since i'ts only meant for the Zodiac. Plus I'm not sure if PalmOS can handle the cellular radio and a wifi radio on the same device (the main reason why we haven't seen any kind of proper wifi on PalmOS Treos). Shadowmite managed to get the T5 wifi drivers to work with the Treo 650 a while back, but it still had a few problems and didn't work after Palm released an update.
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    I repeat, there is no Wi-fi solution for Treo650. the phone is out of date, there is no need for PALM to write a driver to use for wifi. Palm doesnt care either, they took your money and mine now they just wanna run away from us.

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