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    What is the best program for converting windows media video/audio 9/8 or realplayer files to divx/xvid files? I tried total video converter, but it doesn't support 2-pass so the converted video quality is a lot worse (very pixelated) than the original file. I also tried pocket dvd studio, for some reason, i always get a small conveted file (less than 10K) that is not playable. I guess i don't know how to properly use pocket dvd studio yet. Is there any other conversion programs out there that can convert wmv/rm files into smaller divx/xvid files but doesn't lose much video quality?
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    I use Vemode to convert wmv files. Don't know if it will work with realplayer files.
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    Have you tried Super?
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Quote Originally Posted by checkmate
    yeah, i just tried it. what codec would you use to encode wmv files?
    the default setting seems to create a file larger than the original one.
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    I haven't actually used it myself. I just heard good things about it!
    From what I can tell, you should be able to adjust the bitrates to produce a smaller file size.
    For viewing on my Treo I generally use 22khz audio at 112khz. As for the video bitrate, I'm not sure....
    I'll install the program and check it out soon.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Use XVid codec. And yes, at 600 kbps (my preference), the avi file will be almost twice the size as the wmv. Try lowering the kbps if small size and not quality is your priority.

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