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    just picked up the jabra JX-10 which is working fine for me.
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    Have had the Jabra JX-10 for a month now, and am extremly happy with it. I had the Jabra BT500 before that, and was also very happy, worked great but didn't like the fit.
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    Update on Nokia BH-900:

    The sound on this headset is great. However, I am beginning to have sporadic problems where, although the headset and Palm indicate that they are connected, the Palm doesn't send the audio out to the headset. A soft reset fixes it. Also, sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get the headset to connect after power-on. Sometimes it's instant, but sometimes I need to press the call button two or three times.

    I've ordered the JX-10 to try it out in comparison.
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    Is there anyway to use the voice dial commands with the blutooth headsets and the 700P
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    As has been posted in previous threads on this topic, some JX10 units have been defective. So if you end up having problems with your 700p, try another JX10 (eg. Best Buy has a 30 day return policy).
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    My first Jx-10 would not transfer audio - the headset and handset connected, just no sound through the headset. I returned it - assuming it would end up being a Treo 700p issue, not a Jabra issue (this would be my third bt 700p try - HBH 660 couldn't retain connection during calls, Plantronics 640 would would drop connection between calls.) Lo and behold, my replacement JX-10 works perfectly - at least in its first week...

    So it is possible to have consistant bt with the 700... I'm still amazed, and keeping my fingers crossed.
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    On my 2nd day with the JX-10. So far, it's working quite well. Sound is quite good, but not quite as good as the Nokia BH-900. I must say that this headset is much more comfortable, too. And I like the cradle and the fact that I can have a spare charger at home (and one in Denmark as well, judging from the extra AC charger I received with the weird plug).

    Most importantly, bluetooth has been working fine so far. Typically I power on the headset, then the BT on the Treo, and the devices connect after about 2-10 seconds. I can force a quicker connection if I tap the button on the headset. Seems to connect OK after devices are separated and then come back into range.

    I know more testing is in order, but so far so good.
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