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    Is anyone using IM+ that can tell me a bit more about it? I'm looking for a multi-protocol client for yahoo, aol, icq im's similar to trillian for my Treo 650.

    What do you think of this software? Also, I leave my PC on 24/7 with Trillian running. Can you connect your phone to these im networks while a pc is running and online with them as well?

    Lastly, does using this type of IM count in any way as a SMS text message?

    Pardon my ignorance, but i never use my phone for messaging in the year that i've had it. I have it synced to my exchange server and use it for phone, calendar, contacts etc mostly.

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    IM+ sucks beyond description.

    Verichat is $25 a year.. It's not that bad, and it's an excellent program and service.

    You can't share accounts on IM except on AIM I believe.. Doesn't matter what program you use. One or the other will be offline.

    It might count as SMS or data, depends on how things are set up.. Verichat can be online always, using only data.. or in SMS Online mode, which means when the phone is offline it receives messages as SMS.
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    Verichat works well, but caused resets every day or so with my 650. Causerie is another multi-client IM program you might want to test drive. It works with less resets for me, although it has more difficulty staying connected than Verichat.
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    Verichat is pretty cool. I like it more than IM+. It utilizes Yahoo, MSN, AIM and I think ICQ. In newer versions you can set it to data or SMS mode. In my opinion most carriers are shady on SMS plans so pick up the unlimited data plan (that most offer) and run Verichat or any other iM service off of it. The interface is pretty user friendly with the exception of all these "bots" that are incorporated. They suck and Im not sure yet how to erase all of them.
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    I use Chatopus and it is ok.

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