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    About a week ago I started having some weird issues, and it's getting worse. At seemingly random times large prtions of my screen will go white. This is not the famous "white screen of death" that people experience, portions of the screen will be normal. For example in the phone app I might be able to see the top row of icons for signal strength, battery etc, but nothing else. The touch screen works where buttons should be, if I tap the blank white screen. If I switch to another app, the new app will be fine, and when I return to the app that had the problem, it's fine. I have added some programs, so I'm guessing it's related to one of them. Might be Bike or Die- that gives me particular trouble. Anyone have similar issues? I cruise these boards a lot, and haven't seen mention of it.
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    That definitely sounds like a program conflict. I would delete *several* of the usual suspects and see if the problem goes away. Then add them back one at a time, until you find the culprit. In my case, TextPlus sometimes blows away part of the screen leaving white squares, moving away from the program and back again clears things up. This is a little different from what you describe, but pretty close. I would doubt that there's anything wrong with your Treo.

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