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    I downloaded a couple ringtones from and had one ore two assigned to two of my contacts... I recently hot synced and now for some reason every contact after the "B" have that one ringtone assigned under contacts... I've already tried going into the Sounds Setting/Profile and I've selected for Known Caller "Loud Ringer"

    But it seems that almost 80% of my contacts, which is 300+, have been changed to that custom ringer and not the Default "Loud Ringer".... My question is... one (of two); Why did my 700p do this ? and two'; how can i go about changing it in the contacts without having to go one by one (if possible)
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    that is wierd but i do think you have to go one by one and change the rigers but reset it first and see if it fix the problem.
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    Nope no luck, now i'm having an even weirder issue. I deleted the ringtone that was assigend to all the contacts thinking it would default. Not the case, now some wont even ring.
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    anybody have any resolutions to this issue? I just experienced it as well after a hot sync...i would hate to manually change all of my contacts....i probably have over 700....jaysen...did u have any sucess?
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    The same thing happened to me ... it happened to contacts after L ... but not ALL, just some. I went through and manually made all my contacts back to the default ringer. I know this doesn't solve the problem ... but it did happen to me, too!!!
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    happened to me.. went to each one and manually selected the default ringer (ie 'default'). they still show the ringer in the 'summary view' of the contact (ie 'treo') but the ringer will change as the default ringer changes (ie if I change my ringer to 'bob jones ringer' then all of those messed up contacts will display 'ringer: bob jones ringer' instead of 'treo').
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    happend to me too! i have no idea how some ppl i never call got my special ringer that i only give to best friends

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