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    I have a Treo 650 which I am using in Canada. As far as I know we do not have unlimited data plans in Canada (at least I haven't found one), so I am somewhat frugal when it comes to data usage (my Telus plan includes 30Mb).
    I have bluetooth internet sharing setup so that when I am at home or office my wireless data usage is via my laptop and its internet connection bypassing the Telus wireless network. However, I have to switch manually in the network prefs of the Treo between bluetooth or the wireless network.
    Is there anyway to automate this? e.g. designate bluetooth internet sharing as a primary connection to look for first, and then if that fails switch to the Telus wireless network as a backup.

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    There is an automatic fallback feature. It has limited use though as it does not really do more than switch to a designated second network connection if the first one does not connect. I've yet to ever have it automatically switch in applications.

    Under Prefs=>Communication=>Network

    Select your primary network (your office network) and then select 'details' and then select 'modify' At the top is a feature called 'Fallback'. Select your cellular network as the fallback selection, then click 'OK' to back out.

    Now if you start a connection at your office and it does not connect, it will automatically connect to your cell service provider.

    You can even setup a chain of fallbacks so that if one does not work, it goes to the other - if that one does not connect it goes to yet another (or even back to the first).

    As I've said, I've yet to ever have it switch automatically within an application such as pocket tunes or blazer. It would be great to have it prefer one network and then switch to a secondary if necessary and then back to the preferred automatically. However it does not seem to work that way.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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    Thanks for your response and suggestion. Unfortunately I am unable to do what you said. When I select modify on the details screen the fallabck option is not there for either of my network connections. Maybe this is because it is not available with a bluetooth network connection and it might be disabled with the pre-installed cellular service network settings. I am using PalmOS 5.4.8 if that make any difference.

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