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    Cingular gave me an unlock code for my 650 yesterday. The support guy said that to perform the unlock procedure you must begin by inserting the foreign SIM. Is this true? I don't yet have the other SIM, and would like to confirm the unlocking before my trip.
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    #*#*<unlock code>#

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode
    #*#*<unlock code>#
    I already know the key sequence to type in. My question is whether I can type that key sequence with my Cingular SIM in place, or if that would somehow invalidate the Cingular SIM.
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    just type in the doesn't affect ur current cingular sim...unless the code is wrong u can check by inserting any other sim card diff than ur current carrier menaing u can try someone's t-mobile sim to make sure that ur treo is unlocked...
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    I got an unlock code for my Treo 650 from Cingular by e-mail. Here are the instructions, which worked (I tested with a T-mobile SIM)
    1 Insert Cingular SIM into device

    2 Power on the device
    - ensure phone is in wireless mode

    3 Press the green Phone button

    4 Enter * # * # XXXXXXXX #

    5 Press Dial
    - the device is now unlocked

    By the way, when I asked for unlock code for some other phone (Motorola V series), the instructions required me to use a different SIM first and then enter the code in response to some prompts. So the procedure is different for different phones. But for Treo 650, you can unlock without a non-Cingular SIM.
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