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    Hey, I've noticed a new phenomenon with my Treo 700p. I sync with Entourage on my Mac and everything seemed to be okay... only, lately, when I get calls from people listed in my contacts, their names don't show up. It says UNKNOWN CALLER or something like that.

    Obviously, this defeats the purpose of synching with my address book in Entourage. Anyone have any ideas? I can't live and work this way...

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    i know people who had ringo installed on there treo 700p was making incoming calls looses there callerid
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    how many names do you have in the contact folder. i am told if you have a lot the system cannot search fast enough to display the information. do the names at the begining of the alphabet work? if so, you just have too many contact to search through. i have this problem on my 650
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