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    The threads on this are very confusing, and some of the best ones are from last year. But things seem to have changed! I want to access t-zones from my 650. T-Mo says no way. T-zones works fine on the Razor when I put the sim in it, so I know I have the service enabled. I'm using an unbranded 650 and Blazer, trying to load I'm in SoCal, and have a good signal. I have no problem connecting, just can't go anywhere.

    Without using custom proxy, I get immediate "url cannot be reached".

    I first tried the port 8080. Got page can't be shown. TMo gave me port 9201. With that, I get sending, but it never goes through. They also gave me, ports 8080 or 9201, and, port 8080. All I get is sending, forever.

    Are there other settings aside form custom proxy that I need to change? Do I need to use a program other than Blazer, and if so, which one? Is it still possible to use t-zones / t-mobile web with the 650? If it isn't, I'll cancel data service. I won't pay $30 / month when I have a laptop with an aircard, and no huge need for immediate e-mail.

    I've seen at least 2 posters who say they still do this, but when I follow the instructions I get nowhere. Please help!
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    If you are paying $30.00 per month, you have regular T-mobile Internet and don't need a proxy. Just setup your phone for T-mobile. (Prefs. Network T-Mobile Internet)
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    why don't you try to load other website instead of t-zone ?

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