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    Well i was i work... ever since ive bought my phone i have taken really good care of it, i just have month and a half maybe 2 months with my 700p, well today i droped it, the phone hit the concrete side ways then it fliped ova to the other side, i picked it up... no known damage only a lil scuff on the battery cover... checked the screen no damage... i checked the buttons and right away i notice some buttons not working... the 5 way nav buttons dont work.. my calender button doesnt work.. and most letters dont work... i was , i cant believe the droped caused most of my buttons to get damage... i went to the nearest sprint store repair center.. which was the same place i bought the phone... they told me to come back tomorrow morning since the repair guys were done for the day... i asked him how long does it take , he said atleast 2 hours to repair and if not then they will give me a replacement... next question i asked will i get a new phone , he said no a refurbish... in my head i was like f 'n no way am i taken a damn refurbish for a 400 plus phone that i just got... i have several questions:

    1. Am gonna say i didnt drop it, sorry i feel that will make things a lil better for the exchange then just saying i droped it.
    is it a good idea?

    2. am i really gonna get a refurbish, if my phone cant get fixed..?

    3. can i call sprint and argue with them demanding a new phone if my original doesnt work?

    4. should i call my credit card company and ask them whats there insurance policy on the phone purchase i made.

    please offer advice.... can one lil drop really cause all this damage... i mean is this phone really that fragile.. and why should we pay the price, for getting a refurbish phone just for that... i feel that the first phone we get back should be a new one... after that its really on them...
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    My advice is to hope they can fix it, or come to terms with a refurb. Keep in mind that the phone you had - moments before you DROPPED it - had more usage wear than the refurb that you may be entitled to...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas
    My advice is to hope they can fix it, or come to terms with a refurb. Keep in mind that the phone you had - moments before you DROPPED it - had more usage wear than the refurb that you may be entitled to...
    yea but aint refurb phones, used phones that i had problems and they fixed it or maybe phones that customers returned before the 15 day return ..
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    Ok, it sucks that you dropped your phone, but YOU DROPPED YOUR PHONE! You have to deal with the consequences of that. It's totally your own fault that you dropped the phone. I hate to tell you, but that's how life goes. I honestly don't understand the big gripe about refurb phones. They are in correct working order. What the hell is the difference if it came straight off the factory floor, or had to go back to the factory before it got into your hands. In fact, a refurb is less likely to arrive broken, because refurbs have to be checked for proper working order before they are shipped out, whereas new models off the floor do not. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but you're coming in here basically asking if it's cool that you lie to Sprint to try and cheat your way around their policies because you don't want to deal with the fact that you broke your phone. Simple answer, no, it's not cool.

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    First - you are a dummy for dropping the phone and expecting a new one. Be careful and get a good case.

    Second - do not tell them you dropped it. You will be SOL and they will say buy a new one.

    Third - your best bet is to call Sprint and save the 5-way isn't responding. They will say "take it to the store". Tell them you are travelling to Nosprintstorikstan next week and won't be able to. Ask them to ship you a new phone as a warranty replacement (there is a term for this but I can't remember it). They will charge you full price on credit card, but will refund it once they get your old one. High probability you will get a new phone.

    You have to wait a day or two to get the replacement. Send the old one back and you are all set.

    This is the best way to replace an item you damaged. If you go to the store, the will flag your account the phone was damaged by customer and you are screwed.

    Trust me, I've done this 5 times and it works.
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    If it was lost as oppossed to dropped, you may get a new replacement...
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    Do you have the $6 insurance? If so, tell them what you want and they will replace it regardless if they can't fix it. As far as refurbs go, its not like you would get one very old since the 700p just came out.
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    be careful with such post as some secret palm agents surf on this forum time to time.....good luck
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    A refurbished phone will probably be better than the phone you dropped (there may be other damage that you haven't yet discovered), they are usually indistinguishable from a new phone. If you have a problem with the refurb, they will give you another one. Not a big deal once you go through it. Maybe you shouldn't talk too much about having dropped it.

    Good Luck!

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