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    I currently have the Samsung i500 smart phone. I also have the equipment replacement plan for a broken/lost phone. The grafitti pad has bit the dust and now when you tap it, it always goes to the calculator application.

    If I turn it in to Sprint for a replacement, what will they replace it with? The i500 has long since been discontinued. I don't know if they still have Treo 650's refurbished. I'd be willing to pay a small price to upgrade to the 700. What should I do?
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    Maybe with a 650.
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    I suggest talking with Retention and seeing what they say. When the automated voice prompt lady comes up, say "cancel" and I've heard that will automatically redirect you to Retention. Otherwise, ask the CSR for the Retention department.

    Then explain your situation and see what happens. You probably won't yet get a 700 for free, but maybe for reduced rate. I'd like to think you'd get a 650 for free at this point.

    Also, this is how I got my 650 (when they were almost brand new) when I had a 600.
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