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    Anybody having problems sending out with gmail as the smtp server? Its been working fine until this morning for me.

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    Another reason to avoid Gmail, IMO. I see this all the time with my customers.

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    You should keep backup relay servers. I have multiple SMTP servers setup, just in case something like this should happen.


    Oh, sorry, I didn't realize this was in the Chatter section. Does Chatter have support for storing multiple SMTP servers?

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    Y'know, when I got my Gmail account I was thrilled and used it a bunch. Now I've abandoned it and have gone back to my Yahoo account for web-based email. The new Yahoo is pretty nice. Gmail's "new" way of organizing web-based email is a solution in search of a problem. Nice try, but not useful to me.

    Well, I lied about Gmail. I do use it. My website database backups are automatically emailed to it nightly. Not what Google intended, I think.
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    I only got it because everyone said it was incredibly hard to get . I've been using my own mail server the entire time :P

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