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    Is there an app that overrides the Treo's silent mode (the toggle on the top of the phone)?

    I generally silent my phone when I'm in the office, but I keep forgetting to switch it back to normal. This means that the alarm clock doesn't ring in the morning; it only vibrates.
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    I wanted to know about this too. I have been searching for an app but my dismay I have found nothing related.
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    Use a profiles app. I never use the switch anymore for this reason - I forget to switch back. Using a profiles app can help: I can switch to a vibrate profile and have it timeout, or I can schedule a bedtime profile at night when the alarm volume setting is loudest, etc. Good luck.
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    There is a great program out (2 versions 1 freeware, and one that needs to be licensed, pro version), Called Ringer Switch.

    It will remind you you turned off the switch. Works great. Hope this helps. The Developer of the program just updated it for the 700P.
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