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    Hi Everyone....

    This is a newbiesh question but will Older versions of Palm programs run on the Treo 650 that is running OS.5 ?


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    I'm not sure if ALL of them will, but most of the ones I use do. I know that the system files used to launch PQA's on the 300 no longer work, I'm assuming that if a change like that to the OS occured, then it would not be completely outrageous if other applications did not work.

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    Thanks will give some of my older favorites a try!
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    Some will some won't. But even working software can be unstable, because of NVFS for example. You should try it and see how it behaves... don't forget to backup before
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    What does NVFS have to do with the stability of software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode
    What does NVFS have to do with the stability of software?
    You're kidding, right? From your 'join date' it seems you might remember the permanent sticky where we were posting apps which did/did-not work when the T650 came out.

    Most vendors blamed NVFS storage management for their incompatibility issues, and it took months for some to finally come out with compatible versions.

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    Hmm...don't recall that, perhaps I should have searched before I posted sorry. All I remember about NVFS is that it uses 512 byte block sizes as opposed to the 14 byte blocks in volatile filesystems... other than that I haven't really been keeping up with the issue.

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    Just look up the programs here as a start:

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