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    Such a program would be flexible enough to recognize each users different cell phone plan:
    -- the dates of your monthly billing cycle
    -- the number of anytime minutes
    -- +/- time when unlimited evenings starts and ends
    -- +/- unlimited weekends

    Since the phone is linked to the Palm OS, the program would be smart enough to recognize when a given call is made (e.g., weekday vs. weekend, during the day vs. during the evening unlimited period) and have separate logs to count the 'anytime' minutes vs. 'unlimited' minutes.

    Since you can enter the dates of your billing cycle, you can check usage anytime during the monthly billing cycle, and it can create monthly logs so you can make sure the cellphone company isn't billing extra.

    This would be very useful for people who have a limited amount of anytime minutes, but unlimited evenings/weekends.

    Does such a program exist? Unfortunately I have no idea how to write a program such as this, BUT would be willing to pay for this!!
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    Here ya go. been using it for about a month on the 700p and used it on the 650. Seems to work fine!


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    Thanks! I installed the application and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    And, the BEST thing is that you can customize the screen display to only show what you want.

    AWESOME application.
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    Does it let you track monthly data and sms/mms usage?
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    No, but a the present time I don't use data or SMS due to cost issues. For tracking regular voice calls, it's great.
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    If you like MinutesPlus, check out this old thread.

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