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    I'm using Goodlink v4.8.1.14 utilizing my corporate account on my treo 700p. I have no issues with the "push" aspect of the program, but I do have issues with messaging. When I go to the Good contacts, it doesn't give me the option to text message anyone. I have a colleage with the same phone and using the same software, and he has the "message" option on the bottom when he pulls up contacts.

    Also, when I take a picture on the phone and try to send it someone, when I hit the "TO", it doesn't recognize my Good contacts so I have no preset addresses to send it to. My colleague's phone works with this option as well.

    I've hard reset at least 4 times and re-installed the program every time with no luck. I use text messaging a lot and this is very annoying, especially if someone else has no issues using the same phone and program. Is it an issue with the phone? Appreciate any assistance on this...
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    Do the contacts you are using have phone numbers associated with the contact record? Obvisously, to text message, that does need to be there.

    When you try to send a picture and choose "Look up in contacts: does it go to the Good Contacts?
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    All contacts have phone numbers associated with the names. Prior to install of Good, I hotsync'd my outlook contacts and could text message every one...not so with Good using the same outlook contacts.

    Trying to send a picture does not go into Good Contacts...I think it's looking in Palm contacts, which is MT due to the hard reset.

    Can I hotsync my outlook contacts into my Palm contacts? My IT rep recommended not doing that with Good installed...

    Appreciate the help...
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    Try a reprov and see what happens
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    What is a reprov?
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    Reprov completed, no change...
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    Hope you can work some magic, GoodGuy...Thanks!!!
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    I've no idea. Would recommend having your IT folks call tech support.
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    Hey Loonzilla, I've got the same problem, but I'm using hosted exchange on Intermedia. Found a solution yet? Annoying.

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