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    I have a company laptop and have my palmdesktop, docs2go, xpress mail personal ed, etc on my laptop when I last hotsync.

    how do I remove all my programs from the laptop to put on another pc? my laptop does not have a burner. I also wanted to hotsync one last time all my contacts from my 650 to the palmdesktop to save all my info (currently sync with outlook not palmdesktop) do I only change the settings and put handheld overrides pc?

    anything else I need to do to clean up my laptop before returning it?
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    Well, Hopefully others will weigh in to validate my info.

    But in the C:\Program Files\ Folder you will find a folder called Palm. Then you will find a fold that is called "what ever you named your palm pilot" Inside there is a backup folder that holds all of your sync information. You might just want to copy the whole palm folder and save it to a disk, zip it and email it to yourself, or get a thumb drive.

    If you have been syncing to Outlook, you will need to put the setup CD back into the computer and reinstall the software telling it to sync to palmdesktop. Then your information will sync. Changing to handheld overrides pc will only override your outlook info.

    Good luck
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    I would just copy the entire root directory of the software installation. That way you won't miss any information. I'm not sure, but you may also want to check to see if there were any specific registry settings which you need to merge with the "new" system. It may be that you will either need to tweak an existing setting or rename some folders, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

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    Good Call...

    When in doubt, "leave the gun, bring the cannoli"
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    if that is a problem and you use an IM program, you can send them as a file transfer using an instant messenger program. or email, or one of the many services on the web that let you store/transfer files. Ben

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