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    1.What color theme are you all using? I use Steel.
    2. How many treos have you gone through so far due to defects? I had 4 650's and I'm now on my 3rd 700p(in less then 2months).
    noodlelest wet noodler
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    1. Spring
    2. 2 270"s, 1 600, 1 650
    Treo 270>600>650>samsung i780>pre
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    1. Rain
    2. 2 650's. On my 3rd 700
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    Rain. 4 Treos: 2 x 650 (one for my wife - It more than meets here needs, Phone, PIM, Chatteremail, Datnotez, and Dope Wars) 1 x 700w, 1 x 700p.

    The 700p is currently my main device, the 650 I use for development, the 700w for testing WinMob applications. (And formatting SD cards)

    I am probably going to sell my 700w soon, and plan to buy an unlocked 750w to replace it. I may add a 750p unlocked to my dev kit, (Or replace my 700p and add the 700p to my dev kit, if it has 3G GSM).
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    I am still on my first but I believe it is going bad....I am getting alot of calls that just dropped call signal alert...I am talking and next thing I know I am talking to my screen saver.. I have the keyguard on so I know I am not hanging the call up. This happens about 4 times a day...getting very old quickly
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    rain-basically only one that changes the background noticibly on home screen

    2nd 700p
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    1st Treo. No problems.
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    I use purple. I wish they had pink!! lol yes i'm a chick. i do like fog though.

    This is my first treo and I am loving it.
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    another vote for Steel and i'm on my first treo still also.
    "Never Put off until tomorrow
    what you can do the day after tomorrow"
    --Mark Twain

    PalmIII => Sony Clie' => Dell Axim X30 => Treo 650 and loving it
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    1. Tungsten
    2. 1 650, 1 700p (both VZW)
    T R E O s t i l l R O C K S - to a certain extent
    Current: AT&T Tilt/HTC 8925/Kaiser
    Retired: AT&T Treo 750, VZW Treo 650, 700p, *700w, *700wx (* = loaner phone from Palm)
    Tried: AT&T Samsung Blackjack i607
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    Thanks for sharing...keep'em coming.
    noodlelest wet noodler
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    1. clouds or carnival
    2. on my 1st treo( 650 & 700p ) , never nad a replacemnet, lucky I guess.
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    Treo 600 Sprint - three
    Treo 700p Sprint - One (six weeks - so far so good)
    "I want my 2 dollars!"
    - Better Off Dead -
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    I'm not a 700p user, but I thought I would post anyway.

    1) 2 Treo 300's (broken lid)
    2 Treo 600's (internal part snapped)
    1 Treo 650

    2) Steel (Goes well with my ZLauncher theme)

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    Original color all the way, baby!

    But I use zlauncher so I don't see the Palm color scheme that much.

    I'm on my first 700p, but just got it a couple weeks ago.

    I was probably one of the first to get a 600 - I got it as soon as it came on the market. And I went through so many of them I lost count. I had a few 180's prior to that. I skipped the 650.
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    1) velvet
    2) 1 600, 1 650, 1 700p
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    I used Sky on my 650 and wanted a new look on the 700p so I am using Desert now. I like the dark orange highlight.

    I am on my 1st 700p that I got June 10th. I had 3 or 4 650's after replacements. That must cost them a fortune.
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    Treo color theme

    3 Treo 300s
    2 Treo 650s
    1 Treo 700

    Getting better!
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    180 2
    270 3
    600 4
    650 6
    700 original

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    2 600's
    2 650's
    1 700
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