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    Anyone want to comment on the software differences in included software in the 700w vs the 700p? Specifically:

    MP3 Ringtone program, graffiti program for text entry, word complete program for text entry drop down list.

    Those are my 700w favorites. Does the P have anything like that?

    Thanks for your help.
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    OK here's what I know the differences are:

    - 700p does not support MP3 ringtones out of the box. You can however get AAC tones using a little hack depending on Sprint or Verizon 700p.
    - 700w does have native MP3 ringtone support.

    - Neither one has Graffiti program for text entry out of the box. It's all keyboard-based although for the 700p the "drivers" and software is all there, just there's no way to access it. I see however 3rd party software available for Graffitti-like text entry.

    - 700p has a text-entry auto-complete feature for online forms and whatnot, the 700w does as well.
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    Wordcomplete is no longer being supported by CIC the makers of Jot which is also no longer available. WordComplete was cleaner and a bit easier to use but doesn't work at all on the 700p (it puts out a double letter for each character typed; never found a solution). I much prefer TextPlus anyway which takes a bit of getting used to but remembers the frequency of use of words and phrases. There are several alternatives to Jot and Graffiti (Palm just paid 22 million to settle a lawsuit regarding Graffiti as I recall) which can be easily found by searching for Jot on this forum.
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    You don't need to "hack" anything for AAC ringtones, just create the ringtone and use any Sprint uploader (I recommend Rumkin).

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