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    Hello. I was wondersing if anyone could help me figure out a way to stop the radio(phone) from turning on after every crash. On my Treo 650 after the phone crashed and rebooted, it would return the treo to whatever state it was in prior to the crash i.e.(if the phone was off it would stay off)(if the phone was on, it would turn the phone back on). The 700 turns the phone on regardless of what state it was in when it crashed, and this is a little annoying to have to wait for the treo to reboot, and then wait for it to turn on, and then wait for it to find a signal, so I can enter my passcode, and then return to the dialpad before I can use it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    if you have chatter, in its preferences, you can deselect "turn on radio after reset"...not sure though
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    I believe if you hold the up key while restarting it will restart without loading anything to memory, which should stop the radio from turning on as well.

    this is not a hard reset, so you won't lose anything...
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    The 700 does not always turn the radio on when it restarts. It leaves it the way it was when it restarted. I just turned my radio off and restarted. Came back on with radio off.
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    Same here ... 700p on Verizon ... radio stays off after reset if it was off prior to reset. Radio comes on after reset if it was on prior to reset.

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