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    Are there any formatting hacks? I would like to have italics in Address Notes, MemoPad, etc. My desktop version of those does allow italics, bold, etc.

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    None that I'm aware of, and I've had "lazy radar" out for something like this for years now.
    Standard solutions are:
    WordSmith (I think it's still only $29.99, but will soon go back to $39.99 -- worth every penny, from all reports) is considered far & away the best WP solution for the Palm OS to date (it was only recently created, too). Its formatting (incld. B, I, U) is pretty much unparalleled.
    Why recommend that? IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA, generally, to actually USE the "Address / Contacts" feature for ANY device, etc. -- due to its "proprietary nature"; y'know, where you "only get," say, 3 e-mail address slots, etc. But if you use some kind of WP, SS or DB feature, instead, YOU'RE the king of your data, again. I, for ex., put A TON of "misc. data" near almost every addressee (last time we were in contact; works with whom; likes this; related to him/her; etc.), which no proprietary solution is likely to allow.
    THEN if/when you MOVE your data to some OTHER PIM -- you don't have to worry about compatibility, etc. Once the SEARCH feature was invented, "alpha order," etc. had a lot less value in record-keeping.
    There are other text-based solutions that allow, say, HTML coding (I think iSilo is one?) that will give you the formatting & still be quickly searched by the Palm OS, too.

    Of course, now w/the (recent) creation of EyeContact, the Palm OS's "Address / Contacts" feature has a new raison d'etre ("reason to live," if I didn't get it right). STILL, you can just cut & paste the data to have the "relevant particulars" there -- but ALL your REAL data in the WP app.
    Yeah, it's a tad of a "waste of mem." to "double" the records -- but you're not really; I only "double" those of people whose photos I have; and I have an HSVD, w/plenty of my 8Mb to spare on any given day (about 2Mb).
    True, you don't get the "fleeting niceties" like the ability to insert someone's address or phone no. w/a shortcut stroke -- but I almost never do, anyway.

    If you want BOLD (at least -- it may even do more) in your CALENDAR, def. ck. out DATBK4, which does a lot more killer stuff than even that.
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    since the font change effects the entire doc in the built-ins, I don't think you will see a hack for changing them.

    About the closest I have is a desk accessory that will change the capitalization of the selected text - "ToUpperDA"

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