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    I just performed a hard rest on my Treo 700p. Even though Resco Backup restored most files from the SD card, the Treo would no longer access the SD card after the restore. Apparently, Resco Restore either did not restore a preference file; or restored a corrupted preferences file, which made the SD card not viewable.

    I decided to perform another hard reset and proceed with a clean install. I renamed the backup folder under the profile folder. This whole restore took considerable time. So I took notes through the whole process, which left me with several questions.

    1. Does any preference file contain information on how the Treo should access the SD card? Does anybody know why the Treo 700p has so much trouble reading these SD cards? (Remember the SD card has been proven to work on this Treo.)

    2. Here’s my list of preference files. Please add any additional application preference files.

    • Blazer_Bookmarks.PDB Bookmarks
    • PhoneFavorites2DB.PDB Phone Favorites and Speed Dial
    • CallFilter-Rules-VWCF.PDB Call Filter Rules
    • Snapper-Prefs-Snpm.PDB Snapper Email Account Info

    3. What is the preference file for the ringtone database (meaning the file that tracks what ringtones map to each contacts or treo events)?
    • SndFile_Ring_Tones.PDB ?
    4. Does MinutePlus have a preference file? I could not restore my setting for this file.
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