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    So -

    I have my 700p.. and it's getting tweaked out quite nicely -

    2 questions.

    1) Do you have Java Runtime installed.. if so - why? are there any great applets that make it worth the memory? I had it on my 650 - and other then kmaps.. which was cool.. but I rarely used.. I never used it... and most of the java applets I did try to run (games, etc) never worked right.

    2) MMS templates.. I am looking to find some - they had a few on my old treo - like a birthday one or whatnot.. something w/ music, and an animated gif or something.. and you just added ur msg.. I would like to store some on my card... if possible.. looking for a) a site that has them and b) a way to store them on the card...
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    The added memory of the 700p makes keeping Java Runtime installed a much easier choice. I have it loaded for Kmaps - it was also necessary for Opera Mini, which I stopped using a long time ago.

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