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    I've noticed that fairly often, when I dial a number, my 650 will get caught on "Dialing," and when I try to just hang up to try dialing again, it won't do anything at all. It won't respond. It just sits there for a good minute frozen on "dialing," until the phone eventually resets itself. It's extremely frustrating, and one of the reasons I am thinking more and more about (gasp) making the switch to the new BlackBerry.

    Anyone ever experience this issue?
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    I have the same exact issue, but only if I try to call someone immediatley after sending an SMS. I have no idea why, nor do I have any answers.

    I'll be hard-resetting soon and am interested to see if that resolves it.

    My 600, however, did this all the time, SMS-sending or not. I went through four 600's with this problem before they upgraded me to the 650.
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    This is a known bug on the 650. Anytime you send a SMS and then try to dial a number the phone will lock up and eventually reset itself. I forget and do it all the time.
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    I do it all the time. Hate it!
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    mine has started doing that too lately. its pretty anoying
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    So I take it there's no fix as of now?
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    What firmware are you all using? I don't have that problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode
    What firmware are you all using? I don't have that problem.
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    Maybe it's just your firmware. I am using a custom ROM and the phone reports the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode's Phone
    Firmware: 01.71
    Software: Treo650-1.20-LAP

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    Oh...I guess I gave the software as opposed to firmware. Where do you find what firmware you use?
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    Dial Screen->Options->Phone Info

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    im using 1.12a-SPNT
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    Did anyone ever find a solution to this issue of not being able to dial a call right after you send an SMS?


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