Hello ..

I recently switched my Palm from synching with Lotus Notes to using Palm Desktop.

After my first synch, I lauched Palm Desktop and it immediately crashed.

After doing some reading, and some careful deleting, I narrowed it down to a problem with the address book.

The memo, calendar and task lists synch just great - no problems at all, and Palm Desktop still runs just fine.

If I enable synchronization for the address book, my device synchronizes just fine, but Palm Desktop will crash moments after I launch it.

I navigate to c:\program files\palmOne\<user name>\ and delete the "address" folder, relaunch Palm Desktop, and it runs without error.

I'm using Palm Desktop 4.1.4 (E, if recall correctly from the download..), Windows XP (SP2).

I have tried using dbScan v1.9c, but this has not changed anything.

Any suggestions? :-)

Thanks in advance.