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    I am ready to buy a headset (my earlier seidio was washed in the washing machine )
    I am deciding weather to go for the seidio retractable over the ear 2 in 1 or for the new seidioi isolator ?

    Has anyone tried the isolator yet? does it stay well in the ears ?

    Or anyone recommends something else ?

    Any suggestion is appreciated ?
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    I have the in-ear isolator and cannot recommend it:
    1. Quality is average
    2. The inline volume control creates noise and uneven volume between L and R
    3. It's not very comfortable
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    Seidio's in-ear isolator headset doesn't sound very good.
    Their earbud, non-isolator version sounds better. Trust me, I have both.
    Their "music enthusiast" version sounded even better but it is no longer available.
    The Palm 2-in-1 is my current favorite. It's cheap, sounds good, just not retractable.
    I'm seriously thinking of splicing some quality ear speakers onto a Seidio wiring set up.

    My $.02


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