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    While on a call, I am unable to adjust the call volume by using the side buttons. When offline, the buttons work for adjusting the ringer volume. What am I missing??
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    Hmmmm i think you answered your own question, you cant adjust the volume of a call if your not on a call, and the phone cant ring if your on a call. thats why you can only do those things when you can...damn i think i confused myself more.
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    ok, I guess I figured that once I was on a call, I could adjust the volume up or down as needed.
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    Sleeper2007: You should be able to do what you are trying. You should be able to adjust the call volume during the call. Why it's not working I can't tell you. And also correct in that while not on a call the side buttons function as the ringer volume.

    Rick2203: You have it back-a$$wards! Must be a Jersey thing!
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    I have seen this happen at least once, received a call and volume buttons did nothing during the call. It usually works...

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