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    I would love to have push email but I can not figgure out how to change my account settings in my trial version of chatter. I have tried both the latest stable release and the beta. I worked with it off an on all day yesterday and posted a plea for help in the forum with no response. Is the trial version limited in this way? Maybe its just me be stupid but I could really use some help.

    It would be wonderful to offer this our entire user base as an option to BB but if the IT nut can not get it to work then there is little chance of a user doing it.

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    When you are on an mailbox "page", press the Menu button and select "Edit Mailbox" from the "Box" menu. Once in there, you should be able to modify any setting, even the name of the mailbox/account itself.
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    Thanks Jeff, Thats it! I am dumb but now I am happy.

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