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    Anyone else having isolated issues with the mute switch not vibrating on activation? Sometimes mine will be spot on, and i can bounce back and forth and it jiggles on time, but other times, its delayed a few seconds. Recently, im noticing it never jiggles.... until I undo the keyguard. I'm running a healthy bit of background stuff:

    Chatter, Agendus (i dunno if that counts as background), Font Smoother, Verichat + Hack in data mode, Text Field, and a ton of other random programs.

    Ill probably roll a hard reset tomorrow and attempt to isolate the program (I lost a 250 gig media HDD tonight, and I think im about spent on trouble shooting ), but, if anyone has done the hardwork for me, lemme know whats causin this.

    Thank ya.
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    I notice this occasionally when the phone is searching for signal or switching towers. Other than that it responds immediately most of the time.

    I'm not using the keyguard anymore, but I didn't notice any difference when I was.
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    Gonna bump this one... looking for a bit more feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuManChuu
    ...(I lost a 250 gig media HDD tonight...
    Ouch! That must have been painful.

    I also have a hefty number of things going on in the background and I have noticed similar behavior at times. I haven't been paying that much attention though. I'll watch it a little more closely and if I find the culprit, I'll post back.
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    Sometimes it vibrates right away; other times it takes maybe a second of lag time, never more than two seconds. Never really bothered me though.
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    It wouldnt really be an issue to me either, unless I hadn't of done a hard reset to test the issue. I can go several days on a hard reset, without adding new software, and the switch stays responsive :/
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    I've noticed that mine acts similarly, but rather than vibrating after a second or two, it requires me to power-on the phone before it will vibrate. I can let it sit for 10 minutes and it still will not vibrate on its own.

    Are any of you using the Butler keyguard? I am and thought that might be the cause of this. As others have stated, this doesn't happen all of the time, but I would say it happens more often than not.

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