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    Now when you follow the link it says it is now available FOR WINDOWS WM5. WHAT ABOUT POS!!!!!
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    According to CorePlayer the initial release on the POS will not have WMV support due to some speed issues. That rasies the question of why pay for CorePlayer when the free TCPMP does support WMV? I guess we will see what they come out with for POS.
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    The coreplayer forums stated that they already uploaded the POS version and are waiting for the website to refresh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlkAv8r View Post
    The above link redirects to which says that 'this domain is parked for free at godaddy' - what happened to the it was working a couple of days ago...
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    Site comes up fine for me.

    Still not available for Palm OS yet.
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    My TCPMP used to work absolutely perfectly on my T650. Now that the commercial version is out, my TCPMP has quit doing audio. OK, I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for a fine piece of software, but it is not yet available for Palm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX View Post
    Site comes up fine for me.

    Still not available for Palm OS yet.
    Today I can get to the site. It says Palm version will be released on Tuesday (10/24). I could not figure out if it will support streaming audio on Palm - ala PocketTunes Deluxe.
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    I'm confused! The free player doesnt play WMV either and now they are saying the new player wont either until v1.5 - what gives?
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    The have finally released the PalmOS version.
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