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    I've read a lot of threads on keys that don't respond, especially the dreaded 'p', but none of the solutions suggested seem to apply to the 5-way navigator.

    My 'up' key sometimes doesn't respond at all, sometimes requires multiple hard key presses. (Made it tricky to hard reset when I had another problem.) I've tried blowing it out with compressed air and sliding a corner of a piece of paper to clean under there, without much luck.

    Any suggestions?
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    I guess the only suggestion is to disassemble the phone and clean the contacts (lose warranty in this case). I also have a problem with "p" but it is not so bad and I can bear it still.
    I had such a problem with my old phone. Keys 7, 0 did not almost work, because being drunk I spilt some beer on my phone. I disassembled it. There is a thin white pellicle sticked to a contacts board. I !carefully! removed it (not completely, but to get access to problem keys) and cleaned the contacts there. And no problems with keys.
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    I fixed a broken right shift key on my 650 the same way. Take care with it ... if you open it carefully, they can't tell you've voided the warrenty.
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    Any simpler cleaning tricks to try before going to that extreme? (Seems so to me.) Are there step by step directions on here to disassemble and clean? Photos? I'm not exactly a natural at this.
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    You could try a hard reset, but I doubt that will help.

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    Here is a guide to disassemble Treo (but not for keyboard cleaning).

    Here is the image of keypad contacts (on the right)

    First I would suggest to get an old/broken phone and practice with it, see keypad contacts, try carefully remove pellicle and stick it back and so on.
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    Thanks. I'm not doing this. Too much for my poor heart....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gellmanb
    Thanks. I'm not doing this. Too much for my poor heart....
    I would not do it either. Call your vendor. Even if you are out of warranty.

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