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    I am new to Palm Java development. I downloaded the IBM Java WEME runtime and loaded the run time (2 PRC files J9JavaVMMidp20.prc and J9JavaVMMidp20_enUS.prc) to Palm Treo 650.

    The memory requirements as per the Palm source website was 3.6MB and there was 5.2MB.

    It installed and i was able to invoke the J9 Java launcher. But shortly the Treo rebooted and ever since the phone, messages are ok but when i press the launcher the Treo reboots itself.

    I am sure that this is due some mistake in my Java installation, but now i dont know how to undo this and remove the Java installation as i cannot access the file.

    Is the only way to do a hard reboot or is there any other solution.
    Is this a known issue.

    Any guidance will be highly useful

    Bala - Pelmorex Canada
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    You can try a warm restart by holding the 5-way button up and pressing the reset button in the back. It'll boot without loading anything. Then hopefully you can clean out the Java and get back to usual.

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