I've got four 650's on a plan with sprint - once we ditched the versamail for chatter, they've been real steady operators for my small business.

One of the units that's been in service for 7 months (purchased at a Sprint store) started rebooting on it's own about a week ago. That was followed by the phone app. not responding. If you click the icon or phone button it would just leave you in launcher.

Did a hard reboot and got the phone app back, but lost all of the esn, phone# and network settings.

Got on the phone with a Sprint Tech and went as far as a "zero boot" (UP, Power and hot sync while resetting) with the same results. It just gets locked in "network search" and shows a red "T" next to the gps symbol.

Sprint Tech said take it to the store and explain that we tried real hard and it's a replacement issue. Although I don't have any insurance on the unit.

So I run down to the Sprint Store (spint owned/full tech), figuring they'd swap me a refurb unit.

NO DICE...the girl said I have to call Palm for warranty service. She offered to help me find the phone number. I asked if they had any refurbs or if they could repair mine.

I would have explained that I'm a soon-to-be 10 year customer with Sprint cdma (actually paid $500 for the original Qualcom Q phone in 1997!) but my jaw was stuck in a dropped position...

It's probably been 4 years since I walked in with a broken phone, but I always remember that they just handed me a refurb and wished me well...

Don't they service or exchange anymore? Was this girl cluless?