Just this week, CompUSA replaced my Treo 600 with a 700p ... I had purchased a 2-year assurance plan scheduled to expire in a week... I told them it rebooted a least once a day (absolutely true)... I hoped they would replace it with a 650, or maybe let me pay $100-$200 to upgrade to 700p... when the service rep asked the phone girl and she said the 700p was the current model and since the TAP plan called for replacement, that is what I got, I had to cover my face lest they see the HUGE grin.

This was just lucky... the fine print of the insurance plan I got had an out, where if the replacement parts weren't available, they could have just refunded the purchase price of the insurance ($70)... BEST part was, the girl who originally sold my phone rigged the insurance price down by listing the phone price at the post-rebate, post-activation cost, instead of the retail.

NOW, One question: On the 600 calendar, Menu J created a date/time stamped daily journal... any way to get that back withtout getting Agendus or similar?