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    Hi Everyone,

    Well I have finally been getting around to using the treo 650's functions and have stumbled upon TCPMP!!!

    I have heard of folks getting TV shows for the Treo that they can watch on it. Can anyone tell me where I could get them at....preferably free if that does exist.....any and all shows would be cool so that I could show off my treo and so that I can watch shows while flying or while waiting for appts.

    Thanks again for all the help!


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    I'd like some tv shows too
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    I believe that people are converting the files from whatever media extension they are in and adding them to their expansion card. At least thats what I did.
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    Ripping movies from DVDs and using TV Harmony's Autopilot with TivoToGo both work very well.
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    Hmmm this may be wayyy out....but I have a Scientific Atlanta DVR from Time Warner Cable......The shows get saved to the DVR.....Is there any way to get these shows to my computer then I could load them to the SD card????

    Any thoughts or is this impossible?
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    Good for short clips from YouTube.

    Also, lists shows on YouTube. Enjoy the show!
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    If you had an ATI tv or all-in-wonder card in your computer, you could record anything in most any format and then play it on your treo with TCPMP.
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    If you like old moves, you can find some great ones at - all free.

    I download them to my PC (the 256Kb MPEG4 versions), copy them to my SD card, and watch them on my Treo 650 with no conversion. I'm using TCPMP as my player.


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